Vending Machines in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area

There are technologies now available that basically turn the customer into the facility manager. Our Mobile Vending Request app allows the customer to directly contact us in cases of a service issue, rather than calling in a manager to do the job. In instances of service trouble, the customers can simply access the app, scan a QR code on the front of the machine, and instantly report a problem. No more waiting on the route driver to arrive to get your concerns addressed.

Wireless Technology

Our machines offer technologies that simplify the facility manager’s job. For instance, built-in wireless technologies allow us to see your inventory before leaving our facilities, meaning we’ll be more efficient stocking your machines, and there’s far less chance of items running empty. This also lets you see what items are selling, and which are not, and adjusting appropriately.

Mobile Vending Request App

Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems & Cashless Vending

We also engage many features that enhance the customer’s experience. Sure Vend is an infrared technology that can tell if a purchased product “drops” or not, and automatically refunds money. Also, features like bill recyclers and credit/debit card acceptors make utilizing these machines much more convenient.

Green Initiatives

Our machines employ the latest in green technologies to reduce power consumption, refrigerant use and your carbon footprint … all the while never compromising machine performance.

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