Free & Subsidized Vending

Vending Machines in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area

Want to really get the most out of your employees? Consider engaging our free or subsidized vending programs. Not only will they provide your employees with a great fringe benefit, but they will be less likely to leave the office for lunch – or more likely to stay late into the dinner hour – when food, snacks and beverages are made available for a reduced price…or free.

With subsidized vending, the company pays for a portion of the product cost so the employee can enjoy a reduced expense. We handle all the logistics, including providing the coolers, racks and other displays for free. We also manage your breakroom.

Free vending goes to that ultimate step beyond, with the company paying for all items and the employee basically enjoying a free-for-all, fully stocked pantry right at the office. We will come in on a regular basis to keep all items stocked, cleaned and in proper working order. We’ll also provide a detailed report of what items were consumed and bill you monthly.

With our subsidized and free vending programs, we do all of the heavy lifting…literally! Also, we offer unique items like cereal dispensers, ice cream freezers, coffee machines, fruit baskets and much more.

Ice Cream Freezers

Fruit Baskets

Cereal Dispensers

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