Single Cup Brewers

Office Coffee Service in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area

There’s a reason why single-cup brewers are so popular. They’re less messy, more convenient and offer greater flexibility than traditional brewers. That’s why PVS Vending makes an effort to include the latest in single-cup brewing technologies with its office coffee service.

Automatic Commercial Pod Brewer

The benefits of single-cup brewers are many. Fast brew coffee in about 30 seconds. Stainless steel heating tank uses a thermostat to hold water at the perfect ready-to-brew temperature.

Fresh Cup Brewing System

Single cup brewers are clean and flexible, giving people the ability to cater a cup of coffee to their unique palates.

K3000SE Commercial Brewing System

Our single-cup brewers also have many options to further customize the coffee beyond flavor/brand selection. Select from three levels of coffee strength when brewing – mild, medium or bold.

FLAVIA® Creation 400™

Create your own personalized hot drink each and every time. It is the ideal hot beverage solution for workplace environments.

Tassimo Single Cup Brewer

In addition to traditional coffees, single-cup brewers also produce specialty drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, and mochaccinos.

Viva Barista Coffee Espresso Brewer

Our single cup brewers are fully automatic and brews a prefect cup with a touch of a button. Prepare three different quantities of espresso - single, double or triple, coffee with cream, brewed coffee and decaffeinated coffee to your liking.

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