Self-Serve Kiosk in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area

Want a convenience store right in the office? PVS Vending can make it happen with its break room provisions service.

A micro-market is just that, a small convenience store built into your office space. You can choose from hundreds of items, including healthier products, and we’ll take care of providing the racks, coolers and displays necessary to support them. Furthermore, we’ll completely design the store to fit your space.

So how do they work?

Easier than you would think. These are basically self-supporting stores, complete with self-service kiosks and an integrated security system. Employees can touch, feel and read the labels of items before selecting, run through the self-service checkout kiosk, scan a credit card or store value card, and off they go.

Inventory Management System

Our break room provisions also have their own web-based inventory management system. You can easily see what’s selling, and what’s not, and adjust your selection on the fly. Utilizing this fully automated inventory system, we’ll keep your market stocked and help ensure product freshness.

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