Coffee Products

Office Coffee Service in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area

PVS Vending wants you to have as close to a coffee house experience right in your place of business. One way of doing this is by providing a wide range of products to cater to almost anyone’s unique tastes.

Assorted Teas

Not everyone likes coffee, that’s why we also provide a wide range of tea flavors and brands, including Lipton, R.C. Bigelo and Tazo.

Office Supplies

Beyond coffees, teas and specialty drinks, we’ll provide everything you need to support them, such as sweeteners, creamers and paper products.

Specialty Drinks

Want to really get to the coffee house experience? Then you have to offer more than just a standard cup of coffee. Enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, mochaccinnos, hot chocolates and more right from the comfort of your office with our unique service.

Bulk Product Delivery

If you are in need of bulk products for your front office, we can help here as well. We offer cases of water, juice, soda and snacks to be purchased separately, which is a great option for board meetings and events.

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