Self-Serve Kiosk in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area

The ultimate benefit having a micro-market is enhanced productivity for your office or facility. By having such a huge variety of foods, beverages and snacks readily available on site, employees will be more likely to stay at the office over lunch…or late into the evening. Less time out of the office means more time getting work done.

Additional benefits you’ll experience from a micro market:

  • A larger assortment of products, including healthier choices, than other vending services can logically provide.
  • Fully automated inventory helps ensure product freshness. Furthermore, knowing what’s selling and what’s not will allow you to eventually achieve the ultimate selection.
  • By keeping more people in the office, the corporate culture will benefit since more socializing will occur over breaks and lunch.
  • People can touch and feel items before selecting, which is much more engaging than when products are displayed behind glass.
  • Subsidies are easily regulated and customizable.
  • Employees will appreciate not having to travel somewhere for lunch. This reduces expense and hassle.

Endless Supply of Products

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